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50 Things to Do During Quarantine

Hey friends! I know this is a weird time for all of us right now. It is also an extremely difficult time for many. Today, I am choosing to look at the positive aspects of this quarantine situation. I am taking this as a message from the universe to slow down. We can all get so busy and caught-up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we lose sight of the little things. However, now is the perfect time to focus on those little things that we often take for granted. Things like sitting on our porch with a cup of coffee, spending quality time with those we live with, and finding entertainment within our home (I mean, think of all of the STUFF you have in your house that you barely use!).

It is SO important to WEAR A MASK continue to practice social distancing. If you’re looking to up your ~mask style~, you can check out my round up of stylish and cute masks HERE!

things to do during quarantine

I came up with a list of 50 things to do in quarantine that can keep you busy while practicing social distancing. Let’s take advantage of the time and resources we do have instead of focusing on all of the things we can’t do right now.

50 Things to do During this Quaran-time

Exercise / Get Outside

  • Go for a walk/run
  • Work out at home – I have been working at home with my Pure Barre DVDs that I absolutely love. I understand that some people are just not ‘work out at home’ people. However, there are a lot of great at-home workout DVDs, apps and YouTube videos that would be fun options during this quaran-time!
  • Go for a hike
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Sit outside on your porch/deck and relax with a drink (coffee, tea, wine?)
  • Go for a drive
  • Grill outside
  • Sit outside by the fire
  • Get a jumpstart on yard work
  • Plant flowers

Clean / Organize

  • Wash your car
  • Clean your car out
  • Organize things around your house/garage
  • Clean your house – I have been trying to clean one room/area a day when I log off from working from home.
  • Clean out your garage/basement (I felt this needed to be separate from ‘clean your house’ because I know my garage is a task in itself)
  • Go through that junk drawer!
  • Wash your makeup brushes
  • Clean out your purse/wallet/backpack/work tote
  • Go through your closets and pull out things to donate/sell (and then start a Poshmark account!)
  • Shred any old bills/papers – If you are anything like us, you might have a pile of mail/bills/papers that you’ve been meaning to shred and pitch… no better time to get on it, girl!
  • Fix or clean that thing you’ve been meaning to fix/clean…! There’s always a project, right?!

DIY Beauty

  • Paint your nails
  • Experiment with self tanner – I always use Tanologist self-tanning mousse + I am going to try their tanning drops on my face during this quaran-time! I figured now was the best time to try the face drops LOL
  • Use all of the masks! Face masks, eye masks, hand masks, etc.!
  • Experiment with new hairstyles – I always turn to Pinterest for inspo!
  • Use up those almost-empty beauty products and/or toss any products that are old/expired!

Get Down to Business

  • Update your resume – Even if you don’t plan on job searching anytime soon, it is always a good idea to make sure your resume is up-to-date with your current job info.
  • Update your LinkedIn – In addition to updating my resume, I often forget about my LinkedIn. It is always a good idea to make sure this ‘online resume’ is as up-to-date as possible!
  • Create/Update a media kit or rate sheet – Bloggers/Influencers: This is a great time to create/update your media kit/rate sheet!
  • Start a blog/podcast/YouTube channel – Now is the time, friends! At least, now is the time to do a lot of research on any of these ventures you are interested in!
  • Review your finances/bills – This is obviously a good thing to do on a regular basis, but I think we all can lose track. Create a spreadsheet of all of your monthly expenses and evaluate what is a priority. For example, I recently canceled a few subscription services that I felt were not a priority at this time.

At-Home Entertainment / Misc.

  • Read a book
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Put a puzzle together
  • Play a board game or card game
  • Fill out one of these five fun brackets – Rick and I filled out the Taylor Swift bracket last week!
  • Draw/paint/color – Doing something artistic is always a great stress reliever for me!
  • Knit/crochet/cross stitch – If you don’t know how, now would be a great time to learn via YouTube/Google!
  • Hit up Pinterest for new at-home craft ideas
  • Download the Duolingo app and learn a new language – I have been using this app for a few years and I LOVE IT! It makes learning a new language so much fun! I highly recommend downloading this app if you want to take this quaran-time to learn something new.
  • Start a photo project on Shutterfly – I have been meaning to create a photobook with all of our pictures from Hawaii. However, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t gotten around to it. What better time than now to start this project?!
  • Write in greeting cards to send to your friends and family – Why not send your friends and family a little note to say hello! Everyone loves receiving an unexpected card 🙂
  • Go through your emails and unsubscribe (or delete emails if you are in my boat and have 24k unread emails… oops)
  • Go through your camera roll – Delete all of those old screenshots or bad/duplicate photos/videos.
  • Watch old home movies
  • Look at old family photos
  • Call or FaceTime a friend or family member
  • Have a Zoom coffee date or happy hour with friends
  • Download TikTok and you’ll be entertained for hours
  • TV/Movies/Streaming Services/YouTube – There are SO MANY at-home entertainment options, guys! I usually don’t watch a ton of TV or Netflix so I feel like I finally have time to do that now!

I hope this list helped you find a few ideas of things to do in quarantine!

What are some of your ideas of things to do in quarantine? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


things to do during quarantine



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