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Target Try-On | Spring 2020

Hey friends! I know you guys like a good try-on so I’m here to share some of the new spring styles at Target! I tried allllll of the trends (I even tried mom jeans and those definitely do NOT look right on me so… sorry, but no pics of that epic fail). I’m excited to style more spring pieces as the season approaches, but for now, here is a taste of spring 2020 style trends!

Target try-on

*For sizing reference, I’m 5’6″ and 125-ish lbs. I typically wear either a Small/Medium or Size 4 depending on the brand/fit.

Tie Dye Sweater

Tye die sweater
Tie Dye Sweater (wearing a Medium)

Starting off this spring Target try-on with the #1 trending style at the moment: tie dye. Annnnd…I don’t think it’s for me. I love these vibrant colors, but I’m just not into the tie dye vibe, personally. I know a lot of you are though so that is why I am linking this trendy sweater!

Good Vibes Crewneck

Blue and white striped crewneck
Good Vibes Crewneck (wearing a Small)

This crewneck is more my ~vibe~ 😉 I love the blue and white + the ‘good vibes’ wording. I think this shirt is great for a cute and casual look.

Black Puff-Sleeve Top + Teal Tie Shorts

black puff sleeve top and teal shorts
Black Puff Sleeve Top (wearing a Medium) / Teal Tie Shorts (wearing a Medium)

Ugh, dressing room mirrors are the worst… Anyway, I didn’t anticipate the sleeves on this black top to be this aggressively puffy, but I’m kind of into it. I also love these teal tie shorts. The shorts have an elastic waist and huge pockets.

Grey and Pink Blazer + Pink Satin Skirt

Grey and pink blazer
Blazer (wearing a Size 2) / Black Puff Sleeve Top (wearing a Medium) / Satin Skirt (wearing a Small)

I paired this blazer with the black puff sleeve top + this pink skirt because the pink in the blazer matches perfectly with the skirt. I love a good blazer and this one is so cute for spring with the grey and pink detail! The skirt has an elastic waist and it is lined, but it’s kind of easy to see through…

Cream Cardigan + Short Sleeve Orange Blouse

pink midi skirt outfit
Cream Cardigan (wearing a Small) / Short Sleeve Orange Blouse (wearing a Medium) / Satin Skirt (wearing a Small)
pink midi skirt

I love these three colors together, but I wasn’t sure if the cream cardigan with this outfit is too much of a grandma vibe? In these photos, you can kind of see how the skirt is a bit see-through so you’d almost have to wear a cardigan with this outfit? I really like this simple orange blouse for work.

Pink Maxi Dress

pale pink maxi dress
Pink Maxi Dress (wearing a Small)

Pale pink + pale me isn’t the best combo, IMO. I believe this dress also comes in another darker color, but it’s not available online yet so I’m not 100% sure of the other color options. This dress isn’t bad, however, I do think it would get very wrinkled and it might be a pain to wash/steam. It’s lined, but slightly see-through and runs the slightest bit big. Still sharing it because I think it would be a great beach dress + it would look cute paired with a denim jacket!

Blue T-Shirt Dress

blue tshirt dress
Blue T-Shirt Dress (wearing a Medium)

This photo does not do this t-shirt dress justice! I LOVE this t-shirt dress so much. It’s the perfect fit, good quality and I love this shade of blue. There was so much static in this dressing room so it’s kind of clinging to me + it needs steamed, but I am definitely a fan of this dress!

Leopard Swing Dress

leopard print swing dress
Leopard Swing Dress (wearing a Small)

This dress is so cute and comfy! I love loose dresses like this for spring/summer. This comes in some other solid colors and it does run a little big. I would be tempted to size down one size [to XS], but I did also like the way the Small fit. This is my favorite dress from the try-on!

Floral Jumpsuit

blue floral jumpsuit
Floral Jumpsuit (wearing a Medium)

This jumpsuit is really cute, but it’s a little too long for me. I would definitely have to wear heels with this so any tall ladies out there – this one is for you! I wouldn’t want to size down to a Small because I like how the Medium fits around the waist. I love the colors/pattern of this jumpsuit. The perfect look to transition into warmer weather!

I hope you enjoyed this spring Target try-on! Which of these looks is your favorite?! And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out my recent Loft and Kohl’s Work Wear Looks Try-On!

xo, Crystal



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