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My Summer Skincare Essentials

Summer is upon us so I thought it would be fun to share some of my summer skin essentials. A lot of these are items that I use year-round, but they are especially important to me in the summer months when the sun is at its strongest here in Pennsylvania!

summer skincare essentials

11 Summer Skincare Essentials

1. SPF – You already know the #1 skincare essential for any season is SPF!  Whether it’s summer or winter, you need to be wearing your SPF, girl!  I currently have two favorite SPFs….

2. Makeup with SPF – Because you can never have too much SPF, I also like to wear makeup that contains SPF in the summer.  I wouldn’t recommend to only rely on the SPF in your makeup though.  Be sure to pair it with another SPF underneath or overtop [I’ll get to my favorite way to reapply SPF over makeup in a minute!].  My current favorite makeup with SPF in it is this lightweight skin tint that contains SPF 40 and hyaluronic acid.

3. Makeup Setting Spray with SPF – If I’m wearing makeup, I like to reapply my SPF throughout the day with this SPF 30 makeup setting spray.  It applies just like a regular makeup setting spray, although it does smell and feel a bit more like an SPF.  For me, this is the best way I’ve found to reapply my SPF without messing up my makeup.

4. Lip Balm with SPF – My lips ALWAYS get burnt when I’m outside so I like to add lip balm with SPF to my lips daily.

5. Wide Brim Hat – I know this hat I purchased from Amazon is not the most fashionable thing in the world, but it keeps the sun off of my face/neck when I go for walks.  This hat from Anthropologie or this wide brim straw hat might be slightly more fashionable options to block the sun’s rays. I’d rather look a little silly than develop melanoma on my face!


6. Moisturizer – Keeping your skin hydrated is obviously important year-round.  This facial moisturizer is my current favorite. I also use this dermatologist recommended moisturizing cream on my face, as well as my body. This popular body cream is also super moisturizing and has an amazing summer/tropical scent!

7. Self-Tanner – Ya girl is super pale so I like to apply self-tanner in the summer to give myself a bit of a glow without actually exposing my skin to the sun.  I love the following three tanning products…

  • This tanning mousse from a Pittsburgh-based small business is the best self-tanner I’ve ever used! It leaves the most natural-looking (non-orange) tan and I love that you can see where you are applying it (since it doesn’t come out clear).
  • I used this $20 tanning mousse all last summer and I just repurchased a bottle this month.  It gives me a nice, natural glow that lasts for days! I use the shade Light.
  • I use this tanning lotion a few days after I use a tanning mousse to keep my tan looking fresh.  Sometimes, I also use this on my hands after I apply one of the mousses listed above (the mousses can sometimes look too dark on my hands).

8. Foot Peel – One of my newest skincare obsessions is this foot peel that basically makes the dry/dead skin on your feet shed like a snake.  It is AWESOME.  You soak your feet in these silly booties and several days later (it takes about a week for me), your feet will start shedding and when the shedding ends (several days after it begins), your feet are baby soft.  I get it – it sounds totally bizarre, but this foot peel has seriously blessed my feet.  Let sandal season commence!

9. Moisturizing Foot Mask – If you’re not into a foot peel, at least treat yo’ feet to a moisturizing foot maskThis coconut foot mask is my favorite!  No one wants to be flip-floppin’ around with dry heels!

10. Cooling + Soothing Face Mask – I like to have some sort of gel face mask on hand for the summertime in the event I get too much sun on my face [who am I kidding… any sun is too much sun for my face, ha!].  I have really been liking this cucumber gel mask to cool and soothe my skin.

11. Ice Roller – I had been curious about an ice roller for a while so I finally purchased one and I love it!  You keep it in the freezer and roll it over your face for a variety of reasons.  Ice rollers can be used to alleviate headaches or sunburn. They are also said to shrink pores, prevent wrinkles, reduce puffiness and hydrate skin. And honestly, an ice roller just feels soooo good/relaxing to roll on my face.


What are some of your summer skincare essentials? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Crystal
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