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My Experience with Rent the Runway Unlimited

If you’ve been around the blog for a bit, you know that my first experience with Rent the Runway was when I rented a dress to wear to the Emmys in 2019. For the Emmys, I did a one-time rental and it worked out perfectly. Rent the Runway also offers an unlimited membership where you can rent any number of pieces each month (*four pieces at a time) for a set fee per month. I received an offer last month to try Rent the Runway Unlimited for only $31 for my first month! I jumped right on this offer because the usual price per month for the Unlimited membership is $159/month.

Today, I’m sharing all of the pieces that I rented in my first month of Rent the Runway Unlimited. I am also sharing my personal review of the RTR Unlimited membership. How does it work? Is it worth it? Would I do it again?

Rent the Runway Unlimited


1. It was fun!

It was definitely fun browsing Rent the Runway for designer pieces. I rented styles that I would not normally wear and I also selected pieces that were my style, but I would normally find them to be a bit too expensive to purchase. Some of the pieces I wore once and returned, and some I held onto to wear again that month. You can swap items throughout the month to get the most out of your membership. I loved switching up my wardrobe for the month – I felt like I had a whole new closet! You also have the option to purchase any of the items you rent at a discount.

2. The selection is huge and your account automatically filters on availability in your size(s).

There really is a lot to choose from on RTR and there is more than just clothing. RTR offers accessories like purses and jewelry and their clothing selection ranges from formal dresses to athleisure-wear. You can filter on dresses, knits, pants, coats, etc. When you create your RTR account, you can enter your sizing preferences into your profile and then when you search for items to rent, it automatically filters by your size(s).

3. You can create a favorites list.

You can ‘favorite’ any items that you like while browsing which are then saved in a list that you can come back to when you are ready to swap items out.

4. The RTR sizing suggestions and customer reviews are extremely helpful.

The RTR sizing suggestions + customer reviews are helpful and accurate. Customers have the option to submit photos of themselves wearing the pieces which I always think is a helpful reference, as well. Obviously not all pieces have reviews/customer photos, but most do.

5. Quick turnaround with delivery and returns.

From the moment you add your items to your cart and place your order, your items should be on your doorstep in two days! Same goes for returning/swapping items.

6. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the clothing.

You wear your rentals and then when you are ready to swap out or return, you send them back to RTR where they will take care of getting everything cleaned!

7. It’s easy.

The whole process is really easy. Once you create your account, you select your items, add them to your cart (just like you would online shopping) and they are delivered to your doorstep in a couple of days! From there, you rock your new rentals and when you’re done with them, you put them back in their garment bag and return them to your nearest UPS Store. With RTR Unlimited, you can keep a couple of items and return/swap out the others. For my first month of RTR Unlimited, I rented a total of eight items. RTR gave me two bonus slots so I had six rental slots [at one time] for the month!


1. Sizing availability on my favorites list fluctuated.

A lot of the items that I added to my favorites list were not available when I went back to swap out pieces. If other people are renting pieces you added to your favorites list in your size, those pieces will not show up when you go to ‘shop’ from your favorites list. This wasn’t that big of a deal because I found other things to rent, but I ran into this issue [with my favorites list] each time I went to swap.

2. I ran into an issue returning/swapping some items.

I sent back two pieces to swap out after my first week. Several days went by and two new rental spots had not yet opened up in my RTR account. The pieces I returned were still showing as ‘At Home’ [with me] almost a week after I had dropped them off at the UPS Store and I thought return shipping should only take two days. I finally called RTR and within an easy two-minute phone call, two rental spots were opened under my account immediately!

Pieces I Rented

Rebel Button Down Shirt by Rails

I love the brand Rails and I really loved this shirt! It was a silky material and the snakeskin print detail was so pretty. I wore this shirt to work with a pair of black slacks + black loafers.

Red Snakeskin Blouse
Wearing a Small in this shirt and would say it runs TTS

Blue Floral Printed Blouse by Derek Lam Collective

I loved this floral shirt SO much! The fit was so fun and flattering. I wore this to work twice (I wore a cami under it to work since it is pretty low-cut). This was definitely my favorite shirt that I rented and Derek Lam is now a new favorite designer of mine!

Floral Work Shirt
Wearing a size 38 in this shirt

Floral Trudy Dress by Rebecca Minkoff

This floral dress was a different/more bold choice for me, but I wanted to try new styles with RTR Unlimited. At first, I was hesitant to embrace the bold florals, but in the end, this was my favorite piece that I rented! I wore this dress to an event and received so many compliments on it!

Bold Floral Dress
Wearing a size Small in this dress and would say it runs TTS

Eloise North South Tote by Elizabeth and James

I think this crossbody bag would be perfect to travel with! It is big enough to fit all of your essentials and it would look chic with so many outfits. I was very excited to rock a piece from Elizabeth and James (huge Mary-Kate and Ashley fan here!). I carried this bag a few times before I swapped it out (pictured both above and below).

Leopard Coat Outfit

Helek Ditsy Flower Blouse by Club Monaco

I thought this button-down shirt was pretty basic, nothing too exciting. I wore it to work on casual Friday with black denim + booties. You can adjust the neckline [with the tiny buttons] to however open/high you want it which I liked.

Black Floral Shirt
Wearing a Small in this shirt and would say it runs TTS

Purple Floral Dress by Badgley Mischka

This floral dress is GORGEOUS. The details are amazing and it is even more stunning in person. I didn’t really have anywhere to wear this dress, but I rented it anyway LOL. I would definitely rent this again to wear to a wedding or a formal event. The entire dress is embroidered with flowers (which are more neon-colored in person) and the sleeves are a mesh/transparent material.

Purple Floral Dress
Wearing a size 4 in this dress and would say it runs TTS

Bubble Gum Faux Fur Jacket by Heurueh

This was a fun rental and a totally different style than I usually wear! I felt a bit like a pink polar bear in this awesome coat, but I loved it because it was just such a different look for me! I would definitely rent this and/or another fun faux fur coat again.

Pink Faux Fur Coat
Wearing a Small in this coat and would say it runs TTS

Texture and Thread Button Front Dress by Madewell

This was my least favorite piece I rented. The dress isn’t bad, it just is not a flattering style on me. Rick said I looked like a pilgrim LOL

Maroon Long Sleeve Dress
Wearing a Small in this dress and would say it runs TTS

Final Thoughts

Overall, I loved my first month of Rent the Runway Unlimited. It was so much fun trying out different styles and designers! I felt so chic and I was actually excited to get dressed for work every day! I would most definitely utilize RTR Unlimited again. RTR Unlimited would be cool to do for a vacation (instead of going on a shopping spree before a trip to purchase vacation outfits I will most likely never wear again). Also, I think this would be a fun way to treat yourself for a month or even gift to someone for a month! I probably wouldn’t do multiple months at a time because it could get expensive, but I do think the price is worth it for a #treatyoself month, vacation or gift!

I am definitely a fan of Rent the Runway as a company and I would absolutely recommend trying out RTR Unlimited, especially since they offer great promotions for your first month! Have you tried Rent the Runway?! I’d love to hear about your experience with RTR in the comments!


Rent the Runway Unlimited



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