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Review: My First Experience at Drybar

If you’re anything like me, blowing your hair out can be a dreaded chore.  This is why I had been dying to check out Drybar since it opened in Pittsburgh a little over a year ago.  I initially put off booking a blowout because I kind of viewed it as something I would only do for a ‘special occasion,’ but then I had an epiphany:  You don’t need a special occasion to treat yo’self (and there was a Drybar deal on Groupon for $10 off a blowout).

Drybar Pittsburgh

About Drybar

Before we get into my experience at Drybar, let me start by explaining what Drybar is for those who may not know.

Drybar is a blowout boutique with a wide-range of amazing hair-care products that are also sold at places like Sephora and Ulta.  Drybar stylists do not cut or color hair.  For $45 (*prices may vary by location), a Drybar blowout includes a wash, dry, and style (that lasts for days!).

Drybar has a Barfly Membership Program which is $80/month.  It includes two blowouts a month (they rollover if you don’t use them) + a free birthday blowout.  You also receive 10% off products and can use your membership at any Drybar location.  My stylist said that some women come into the salon every week and probably never wash their own hair #goals

Drybar also hosts blowout parties and events + they offer kids blowouts!

My Experience

After I purchased my Groupon, I downloaded the Drybar app to book my appointment.  It was super easy to book my appointment on the app and I was sent both an email confirmation and text reminder.

On the day of my appointment, I walked into the salon to the sound of blow-dryers and the amazing aroma of Drybar’s hair products.  I checked-in and the receptionist immediately offered me a complimentary beverage (my choices were coffee, tea, water or champagne) and cookies.

I took a seat in the waiting area and gazed around at the bar where a line of stylists were blowing out hair.  Everything in Drybar is a crisp white, grey or yellow and there are even blow-dryer light fixtures.  The bar is lined with TVs and due to all of the blow-drying action, the closed captions were all on – I’m the weird person that recognizes and appreciates this level of detail 🙂

The Menu

After waiting a few minutes, my stylist came over to greet me and bring me back to the bar where my champagne awaited along with some magazines and the Drybar menu.  The menu is full of cleverly named hairstyles such as the Cosmo, the Mai Tai, and the Straight Up (see the full menu here).  These are all bases for hairstyles, as you can pretty much get your hair styled however you want.  I ‘ordered’ the Cosmo and then we headed back to the wash room.

The Wash

The wash room is like that of any salon.  There are sinks and chairs with stools lined up in a back room behind the bar.  You can pay a little more for a scalp massage, but I got a basic hydrating treatment and chillaxed while my stylist did her thang.

When my hair was clean, we headed back to the bar where I sipped my champagne, chatted with my stylist, and watched Valentine’s Day (one of my fave movies!) on the TV in front of me. 

The Blowout

My stylist added a few products to my hair before she began blowing it out.  At Drybar, you’re not facing a mirror like a regular salon which I actually liked.  The mirrors are all behind the bar chairs and I felt it was more relaxing to watch TV, flip through magazines, and just let my stylist work her magic and see the reveal at the end.

My stylist dried my hair with Drybar’s Buttercup blow-dryer and then added curls with their 3-Day Bender curling iron.  She topped off her work of art with a light hairspray and then turned me around to face the mirror and admire my new hair.  I was so happy with my Cosmo and I pledged [to try] not to wash my hair for a few days (I’m an everyday hair-washer… I know, I know… I’m trying to change)!

We headed up to the front to pay (where I presented my Groupon) and I picked up some of Drybar’s Detox dry shampoo from their minibar by the register (safe to say they killed the product name game).

It was just under an hour from the time I checked-in to the time I walked out and I loved every minute of my first Drybar experience.

Final Thoughts

From the moment I walked into Drybar, everyone was so friendly and accommodating and the vibe was chic and fun. What’s not to love about a place that pampers you AND offers you champagne and cookies upon arrival?!

Don’t wait for a ‘special occasion’ to book your blowout, girlfriend – Every day of your life is a special occasion and you deserve to treat yo’self! If there is a Drybar near you, I highly recommend checking it out. You’ll definitely see me back in Drybar Pittsburgh again soon 🙂


Review: My First Drybar Experience



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