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Crystal’s Favorite Things – 2020

I decided to pull an Oprah and share my favorite things from this year! TBH, I haven’t really felt motivated to write any blog posts in recent weeks (/months), but my brain needed a distraction today so I decided to sit down and round up 10 of my favorite ~things~ from 2020! This list is a collection of random items that brought me a little comfort and joy in the dumpster fire of 2020… so (*Oprah voice*) here. we. gooooooo!

10 Favorites

1. Nespresso MachineThis Nespresso machine is hands down my favorite purchase of 2020! I can’t believe I waited so long to purchase one. Honestly, I was skeptical about Nespresso… Being a former barista, I am really picky about my espresso (and espresso machines) and I thought I would be disappointed with a Nespresso machine because it seemed like the espresso equivalent to a Keurig (and I am not a fan of Keurig-brewed coffee). I was so wrong! Nespresso pods taste exactly like a shot of espresso that you would get at any great coffee shop! I could not be more happy with my Nespresso machine. If you are thinking about getting one… girl, go for it! You will be living your best caffeinated life!

2. Winc Subscription – I had always wanted to try a wine delivery service, but prior to 2020, I was working downtown most of the week and couldn’t be home to sign for most weekday deliveries. When quarantine hit, I figured it was the perfect time to try Winc and I have been loving having new wines delivered to my door ever since! You can skip months at any time and/or save your monthly credits and select your wines/order whenever you want. I love trying new wines monthly and having them delivered right to my door is AWESOME! If you are a wine lover, you definitely need to check out Winc!

3. Aerie Leggings – I am not exaggerating when I say that I have lived in these leggings for most of 2020. Gosh, it’s going to be hard to go back to wearing regular pants more often… Anyway, these are hands down my favorite leggings of ALL TIME. They are lined (so they are extra cozy!) + they have pockets! What more could a girl ask for when it comes to a good pair of leggings?! I currently own three pairs of these and I plan to grow my collection by a few more pairs in 2021 because they are simply the best.

4. Maybelline Foundation – A surprise beauty favorite of 2020 is this $6 drug store foundation. I was experimenting with drugstore makeup products this summer (I wrote a post about my Full Face of Drugstore Makeup HERE) and I fell in love with this foundation! This is seriously the best liquid foundation I have EVER used. It applies so well and the finish leaves my skin looking flawless all day. As long as this product is being made, I am never buying a high-end liquid foundation again!

5. Revision Skincare – I am so happy I discovered Revision Skincare in 2020! Revision Skincare is a medical grade skincare line that is dermatologist recommended and manufactured right here in the USA. All of their products are created to work with each other so you can mix and match based on your skincare needs. So far, I have LOVED the four products I have tried by Revision and I am planning on trying/adding more Revision products to my skincare lineup in 2021! The products I am currently using and loving are: Pore Purifying Clay Mask (formerly named Black Mask), Intellishade TruPhysical (a tinted moisturizer with SPF + anti-aging skincare), Retinol Complete .5 and the Hydrating Serum.

6. Sam Edelman Loafers – In 2020, I fell in love with loafers. I already had a few pairs of loafers in my closet, but they were not anything special (in terms of quality). I purchased a pair of white Sam Edelman loafers in the spring and I instantly fell in love with the look and quality of them. Because I loved them so much, I went on to purchase a black pair and a leopard print pair! I think these loafers are at a great price point for a high quality shoe. They look very similar to the Gucci loafers that cost over $800! These Sam Edelman loafers are a classic shoe that you can dress up or down + pair with so many pieces in your wardrobe.

7. Cozy RobeThis robe is definitely 2020’s most-worn piece of clothing in my closest. My 2020 work-from-home style consisted of… this robe and whatever joggers I wore to bed LOL… but seriously, I threw this robe on most mornings and lived in it until I decided to get dressed for the day. The product actually has ‘cozy’ in the name and that about sums it up.

8. Organization Supplies – It all started when I binged Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix… I soon found myself cruising through the aisles of The Container Store looking for products to organize every room in my house. I started with our hall linen/toiletry closet and then moved on to organizing my closet/shoes, spare bedroom closets, drawers… Guys, organizing is addicting (at least it is after watching The Home Edit ladies work their magic). My absolute favorite organization purchase is this large turntable that we have in our hall closet. It makes everything SO much easier to find and keep organized! You can check out ALL of my favorite organization supplies HERE.

9. Live in Love by Lauren Akins – This is by far my favorite book of 2020! I totally want to be Lauren Akin’s BFF. She seems like the most genuine person and I love her family (just like literally everyone else). In this book, she shares stories about her upbringing, her faith, how she and Thomas Rhett met, how she really feels about being in the spotlight, their adoption journey and their very personal struggles as a couple that are SO relatable. This book made me laugh, it made me cry… it is seriously so good! I highly recommend downloading the audio version because Lauren’s personality just shines while narrating!

10. Satin & Silk Pillowcases – IMO, silk and satin pillowcases most definitely live up to the hype. I would even go so far to say you NEED [one of] them in your life. I have been using satin pillowcases for a few years now and I swear by them (THESE are my absolute fave satin pillowcases). This year, I splurged on a Slip silk pillowcase to try out and I love it, too. I can definitely tell that the silk pillowcase is a higher quality [than any satin pillowcase], but I don’t think you need to splurge on the silk pillowcase unless you are super set on silk. Both silk and satin pillowcases provide several beauty benefits (skin/hair) and they are just a dream to lay your head on at night.

For all of my 2020 beauty faves, be sure to check out my 10 Best Beauty Buys of 2020 HERE!

What were some of your faves in 2020? Let me know in the comments!





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