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April Roundup

April marked my two-year blog anniversary which called for a photo session at my alma mater in a sequin dress with some fun star balloons! PS – Don’t sleep on the $1 balloons at Dollar Tree!

I can’t believe I have been blogging for two years! To be honest, I almost didn’t renew my blog (website) this year. There were a few reasons behind that, but I’m so glad that I did. This space is a much needed creative outlet for me. It is something that is totally my own and something that I am in control of and proud of.

I definitely went on a roller coaster ride of emotions during my second year of blogging. I wasn’t sure what type of ~content~ people wanted to see during a global pandemic, I was appalled at the way a lot of bloggers/brands handled addressing (or not addressing) racial injustice, and I went hard sharing election content, so much so that social media (+ blogging) had me totally burned out by the end of 2020.

With all that being said, I really think I found my voice as a blogger over the course of the past year. I opened up sides of myself that I had not showcased in my content in my first year of blogging. I feel like people finally know the real me. Sure, I love clothing and makeup, but there are topics and issues that I care about so much more. I believe in using your influence/platform (no matter how many ~followers~ you have) for good. In the world of ~influencing,~ I think it is so important to you use voice on social media to raise awareness of important topics/issues and to amplify the voices of others. I would rather influence someone to vote than to buy a material item that they certainly don’t need.

Some other highlights from my second year of blogging include getting accepted to RewardStyle/, covering the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (it was such fun + bright spot in the midst of a crazy year) and honestly, just having a reason to put on cute outfits and makeup was such a highlight for me. If it weren’t for blogging, I would have been very bored and I probably would not have had a reason (or the motivation) to wear anything other than sweatpants.

Thank you SO much for hanging out with me on here for the past two years! I appreciate your love and support so incredibly much!

Favorite Look from April


*For size reference, I sized down one size to an XS in this jumpsuit.

Favorite Things Shared in April

Target is totally killing it with their spring and summer dresses lately. I fell in love with this Who What Wear denim dress! The denim is super soft, all of the buttons are functional, it has pockets + I love the puff sleeve detail! For size reference, I sized up one size to a Medium.

Another cute Target dress I styled this month is this gorgeous blue and white floral dress. It is perfect to dress up (maybe as a wedding guest!) or down (I’d swap out my heels for some fresh white sneaks!). PS – It has pockets! For size reference, I’m wearing my true size, Small.

I recently shared that I purchased this $150 exercise bike and I got a lot of questions/comments on it over on Instagram. Now, I am not a hardcore workout person by any means, but I had been thinking that it might be kind of cool to have an exercise bike. My usual workouts consist of Pure Barre at home (I have two Pure Barre DVDs that I purchased a few years ago) and on days when I don’t do PB, I try to walk 10k steps.

I know Peloton’s are all the rage right now, but one of those was WAY out of my price range. I wanted something that wasn’t expensive (because 1. I’m not sure how much I will use it/like it and 2. I don’t think you need to pay $2k to get a good workout) and something that was small/did not take up much space. I didn’t need any fancy features or monthly subscriptions + I ain’t here to compete. Basically, I just want to watch TV and get my heart rate up/ride a few miles. I can say after several rides, this exercise bike is exactly what I wanted! If you’re interested in it, I definitely recommend checking out some of the 15,000 reviews for the bike HERE!

I recently went on a quest to find a pair of non-skinny jeans. After trying on probably 30 pairs of jeans at a variety of stores, I came home exhausted and defeated by denim. At that point, I was certain that I would never stray from my skinny jeans. Then one day, I was in Walmart and I happened to see a pair of $17 straight leg jeans in my size and thought they just might be the denim unicorn I was looking for… and sure enough, they were! I love the fit (I’m a mid-rise gal all the way), the wash, and they are SO comfortable! However, I wanted the length to be just a liiittle bit shorter so I cut them myself (I like the look of a raw hem) and I love them! The above photos show the denim before (left) and after (right) I cut them!

Over on Instagram, I did another #BaristaWeek! As a former barista, I always find it fun to share coffee creations! In April, I shared five drinks over the course of a week on IG Stories and/or Reels (see the menu above!). I saved everything to my “Coffee” highlight on IG + you can find the Reels under ‘Reels’ on my IG (@crystaljuneblog).

The Sephora Spring Savings Event happened in April! Sephora sales are one of my favorite sales of the year because I love restocking my everyday products + I also love trying new products at a discounted price! I shared my 14 trusted favorites from the Sephora Sale in a blog post + I also shared a Reel over on Instagram with everything that I purchased during the sale! You can also check out everything I purchased from the Sephora Sale HERE!

Blog Posts From April

14 Trusted Favorites from the Sephora Sale




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