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8 Amazon Favorites from 2020

I was just looking at my 2020 Amazon order history the other day and I had a good laugh… 2020 was a strange year and I ordered the most RANDOM things from Amazon. I thought it would be fun to round up and share my 2020 Amazon favorites today!

1. 4-Pack of Headbands – I’ve been rocking these headbands for months and I just can’t get enough! Ya can’t beat a 4-pack for $13!

2. Mosquito Repellent Lantern – My friend Anna Hinkle recommended this product and I am so thankful! Rick and I always get attacked by bugs on our deck in the warmer months (even when we burn citronella candles) and this lantern is the best bug protection we have ever used!

3. Stackable Wine Rack – I love these wine racks! I bought a couple of them to stack + put in the bottom of a small cabinet and they worked out so well! I love that you can create your own space with these by adding and stacking them!

4. Satin Pillowcases – These are one of my favorite things from 2020! I’ve purchased quite a few of these because I just can’t get enough of them and the beauty benefits they provide.

5. Halloween Window Silhouettes – I love these Halloween window decorations that I randomly found on Amazon! They look so cool at night (from the outside) and they are super easy to hang (from the inside).

6. Stainless Steel Mug – This mug is basically the same thing as the popular Yeti tumbler, but it’s half the price! I love this mug – it’s great for hot or cold beverages at home and on-the-go. Also, it comes in a ton of different colors!

7. Time Marker Water Bottle – In the 2.5 months I used this in my work office at the beginning of 2020, I received so many questions about this water bottle! I continued to use it while working from home in 2020 and it really did help me stay on track with my daily water intake.

8. Lounge Bra – This is like the leggings of bras. It’s not quite a sports bra, but it’s not like you’re not wearing a bra…LOL… Look, it’s not the cutest bra, but it is so comfy. It’s perfect for WFH/lounge life!

What were some of your 2020 Amazon favorites? I’d love to hear your random + amazing finds in the comments!





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