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Meet Crystal June

Hi!  I’m Crystal and I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my boyfriend, Rick and my tuxedo cat, Zaxby.  I’m originally from Carlisle, PA, but I decided to put down roots here after I finished undergrad several years ago.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Advertising and a Master’s degree in Business.  I work full-time as a marketing analyst, writing code and producing business reports.  My 9-5 is pretty technical so I wanted a more creative space to call my own which is how Crystal June (the blog) was born.

About Crystal June Black Midi Dress Pochette Metis

About Crystal June (the blog)

Crystal June is an outlet that allows me to indulge my creative side, while also aiming to inspire others to live their best lives.  Focused on lifestyle tips and tricks with some travel adventures sprinkled in, I hope this blog can be a fun escape for the chic and busy ladies like me.

Crystal June the blog is a lot like Crystal June the person (side note: June is both my middle name and birth month #funfacts).  I love fashion, beauty products, and traveling and all of these little luxuries and more are featured on my blog.

Growing up, I was a huge Mary-Kate and Ashley fan. I honestly think that’s where my love for fashion originated. My personal style mixes classic investment pieces with affordable trends to create easy, everyday looks. Sephora is my happy place and I’m a sucker for skincare products. You can usually find me drinking coffee or listening to TSwift (or both). Traveling is my true passion and I’m always planning my next adventure.  This blog is my biggest adventure yet and I hope you’ll follow along with me on this journey!

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