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5 Business Style Essentials

I’ve worked in the business world for almost a decade now (yikes, that makes me feel old) and my work style has definitely evolved over time. The office that I currently work in promotes business casual attire. I tend to focus my style more on the business end of the spectrum, as I’d always rather be overdressed than under. My work wardrobe mixes classic business pieces with the latest tasteful trends to pull together a professional, yet stylish look.

I put together a list of five business style essentials that I feel every girl boss workin’ 9-5 should have in their work wardrobe.  Whether your workplace leans more towards one end of the business casual spectrum, the below pieces are all versatile and can be used as a base for any work wardrobe. These pieces are not only office chic, but office savvy, as well.

Work Wear: 5 Business Style Essentials #suit #blazer #heels #watch #tote

1. Suit – Depending on your profession, you may not feel that a suit is entirely necessary. However, I like to have at least one nice suit in my closet to have on hand for job interviews.  Years ago, I landed an interview and quickly realized that I didn’t have anything appropriate to wear to it.  I was so stressed at the mall that weekend trying to find a suit that fit me properly. Finding a good suit can take time and most likely, you’ll need to get it tailored. If you’re not interviewing for jobs in Corporate America, a nice pair of dress pants and top work perfectly for an interview. If you are in the market for a suit, I recommend heading to Express or Nordstrom.

2. Blazer –  Blazers have been a staple in my work wardrobe from my first day in the business world.  Something about a simple blazer just makes you look and feel more like a boss.  Mixing and matching blazers with dress pants (meaning not wearing the same color blazer as your pants) makes for a sleek and stylish look without being too serious or formal like the above suit. You can wear any shirt underneath depending on how much you want to dress up or down your look.  I also love wearing blazers outside of work/on the weekends.  And you don’t have to spend a fortune on a blazer… most of my blazers are from Kohl’s (LC by Lauren Conrad has great blazers) or Target!

3. Heels – I love me some flats, but a nice pair of heels is essential in a work wardrobe.  I always wear heels to an interview or to a meeting.  If you don’t want to trot around the office in heels all day, keep a pair at your desk and slip them on before a meeting.  Wedges are a great alternative if you find heels to be too formal or uncomfortable.  I usually wear these Franco Sarto wedges most of the work week which look like a heel from the front.  They are so comfortable and go with almost everything!  I also love these Sam Edelman pumps (in Nude Leather) for the office.

4. Watch – Knowing the time is essential, right?  So how do you usually check the time?  I’m betting you typically look at your phone… and that is where my next business style essential comes in.  Checking your phone during work meetings is a definite no-no, at least in the corporate setting.  Even when you’re sitting at your desk, you don’t want to constantly be picking up your phone and getting side-tracked by your Insta notifications.  If you need to check your messages 24/7, then a smart watch (like an Apple watch) would be a great investment.  If you don’t need or want to be distracted by your notifications at work, then a nice regular watch will do the trick. Gold and silver watches are definitely on trend right now and I’m loving my new Olivia Burton watch! If you’re more into rose gold, check out this cute Michael Kors watch.

5. Tote – A tote is a great everyday essential, especially for us business ladies.  I commute to work via public transit and I carry everything from a laptop to my lunch which requires a decent sized bag! Some people on my train carry multiple bags to work and I’m just not about that life.  I want one big bag that I can throw everything I need into which is why I invested in the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM.  Now, I’m definitely not saying you have to spend a small fortune on a tote or that you need a bag that massive. However, a polished and practical tote that you can carry to work, as well as to meetings, is essential.  I have this tote from Target and I get so many compliments on it!  This Kate Spade tote is another chic option for an everyday work tote.

I hope this gives you some style inspiration for your work wardrobe.  I’d love for you to share your business style essentials in the comments below!


5 Business Style Essentials



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